Not So Much Date As Be Married To...

I love the idea of impregnating a woman. It seems like such a thrill to know that my seed is good and that the two of us will bring another life into this world. From what I have heard, pregnant sex is mind blowing, so I am definitely looking forward to that. It will be so exciting to watch that belly grow and know that it is our child inside. If I am going to impregnate some one though, I think that it is best for us to be married (and happily married) so that we have a stable household to bring that child into.
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you make it soud sweet and sexy the same time

Thank you

when you have a pregnant wife do not forget this! When women are pregnant months 3-8 she is incredibly horny... Well I was all the time but I am pretty much always horny LOL.

I am definitely looking forward to that. :)

@london and anna, thanks for the comments. I am definite looking forward to pregnant sex and lactation. :)

I am a mom....only one child, and I promise you...pregnant sex is much better than you can possibly think...and before without bithcontrol is like russian rullet....It can get you addict...such a rush ! the power that you feel....I share the same feeling, going for it...without having the choice of coming back....I am an anal **** lover, but......