I Need to Declutter

I am trying to learn how to be more tidy. I need to declutter! Over the years I have decluttered a lot, but somehow there is always more to do. I have ruthlessly thrown things out, gave them away, donated them, but somehow it is still a mess.

I have several times thrown out the entire contents of my fridge because I wanted a fresh start.

I once gave away most of my old clothes but again I have too much I don't wear or no longer fits.

Most of the "junk" I leave lying around is PAPER. Magazines, newspaper, junk mail, catalogues, pamplets, receipts, bills, old letters, books. If paper did not exist in life I'd have a much more tidy house.

I leave my clothes everywhere. Cat hair collects on my clothes.

Why can't I be more tidy?! I have never mastered the art.

IndigoPeachblossom IndigoPeachblossom
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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

The more stuff you own, the more stuff you need to organize someday. I have too much stuff too. Though I make it a point NOT to subscribe to magazines, buy books (I go to library instead they have tons), only subscribe to catalogues I will actually look through within a month of it arriving (only keep the ones I plan to buy from in the near future), organize my bills or statements in a filing cabinet by using those hanging folders and adding a name tab for each account (so when I get a bill and pay it I store the statement or receipts in that file) then after a year I purge or shred the previous 2 yrs ago data etc... It helps to be organized. Then you know what you have and how important it is to you. Only keep what you love or need. Purge the rest. <br />
<br />
I know it's hard, I have a lot more than I need too and I probably should be going through it right now, than having fun on EP. Hey, I need fun and mental stimulation too :D