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I thought you might like this song. You can view the words from a broad prospective as if it is how one loves themselves or anyone, the poor,mistreated and unloved children of the world or on a personal level as if it is the love between two lovers. This song brings back memories for me,personally. I bought the CD back in 2001 or so, but didn't know the artist so I sang it for the sales girl at the store and she complimented my voice. I think that was the first person I did not know personally that complimented my voice.

thegrey thegrey 26-30, M 1 Response Aug 14, 2010

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J, This is a beautiful song. I had never heard it before, but it is downloaded and safely ensconced in my Ipod now. It will always make me think of you, lovie. I think you should call me one night and sing it to for being a little bad, I couldn't resist. *Smoooooooches*