I dedicate this historic piece of music to everyone, the world over. If you're in the middle of a struggle, if your heart is heavy, if your mind is weary, I dedicate this to you.

War, poverty, militarized police forces, death, disease...lately, these negative forces have converged and kind of mutated into this 350ft tall, radioactive, fire breathing, monster that's destroying EVERYTHING in it's path!

Music is a powerful vehicle for human emotion and expression. Throughout history, there have been many musicians, both living and deceased, who have this extraordinary ability to effortlessly tap into certain kinds of moods and translate those moods into music.

I've said enough. I will turn this post over to someone who's otherworldly talents, till this very day, continues to profoundly influence many the world over.

It is now time...for Reverend Jimi Hendrix...to TESTIFY!

31-35, M
2 Responses Aug 18, 2014

A lot of truly creative and talented people depart from this earth far too soon.

Yes. They do indeed. :-(

Bleak days indeed. :(

Indeed, my friend. Indeed. :-(