Dedicated To You...

This one's for you 'girlfriend'.........words we can all live by!


snowbunny1002 snowbunny1002
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12 Responses Aug 6, 2010

LOL Marcus101 <br />
<br />
FG needs tape!!

...or the flashing lights, snowy? errrr...umm....:P

FG- I hear ya! Get the tape out - LMAO

It was flashing Friday for me too but for different reasons lol.

Brut- It's been a flashback Friday for me :) ..Glad you are enjoying!

Ive played this five times :-)

FG- it was a gift my friend... oh and don't forget the glitter :)

Simply amazing and I am sure this gift came straight from your heart and I could see the fairies dancing around with pixie dust lol.

Me too Brut..the lyrics are amazing :)

i love this song!!!

I am drama free baby but not all of us are...LOL!!

LMBO!!!! This song should be our anthem. The only drama I want in my life is in the cinema. I can so feel you on this one bun buns. I have my man, my friends, and my plan and none of these include drama.