For Ally

In one of my blogs a long time ago I dedicated this song to all of my friends and people I cared about. It is one of my favorite songs with a lot of meaning to me. You have already heard it and know some of the lyrics. As one of my truest friends who have always proven to be there for me I am personally going to dedicate this to you as well. This song has always helped me out when I was alone or sad, and needed something to help stand me back up. In a weird kind of way the sadness of the song and video kept me going. It is something I always listen to when driving in the cold or snow. For some reason it speaks to me in the winter time when I am usually most in the need of a pic-up. I just find this song very important to me with a lot of meaning so even if you dont that is cool. It still shows I care and that is the whole point of it.


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Thanks salar.

Nice thought for a friend A........

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aww Tommay! You're such a nice person!! as is ally (and I've only just met her but already I can tell)

thx kassi

Thats nice of you to do, kitty.

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well you are a good friend after all.

*hugs* Thanks, roar. You're so kind to me.