Just 4 Scott

I want to dedicate this song to Scott because he is feeling "high" tonight lol.

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LOL I am an angel. I am pure and innocent! ((giggles with the most evil laugh I have heard. It is coming from deep inside me/))

Nice to meet you Snowbunny..FG..Bless you, you are an angel..*rolls eyes & laughs*

LMBO Snowy! thanks<br />
<br />
LOL Scott!!!! I promise I want kick you in your manly parts and I don't have to use my legs. I have arsenal in my upper body lol

Oh hell..I might be since you are talking special moves and stuff..damn...well no punches or kicks..cuz' I can't hit a female. *Grins & Laughs*

OK I dont know Scott but Scott I hope you enjoyed it :-) <br />
<br />
I love this song and Afroman cracks me up!! <br />
<br />
Glad you are feeling 'high' Scott :) <br />
<br />
FG - you are the best song dedicator out there - OXOXOX

LMBO! You aren't scared? Good because I ain't sceered either. LOL I have my special moves and I will have you in that headlock and pictures taken before you even realize we have started. LOL I am THAT good.

Wow..surprisingly..not scared..bring it on.*LMAO* and you know she had to go run and grab that camera of hers after the smoke.

Haha! I thought that was AFTER the action?

Hehe! You are so funny. Well you know I love to be watched by the right person. ((giggles and thinks of headlocks))

Hell no you ain't just going to watch..if she always wants to bring her boyfriend when she goes somewhere..You gotta be my tag team partner..*Laughs*

LMBO. We don't need guns.... I can get what I want with just my cute little southern accent. Remember I am adorable? lol

It's officially evening now..I don't have to try and be good now..Lets play...FG, don't hurt me and Opium..Babe, leave the gun at home..*LMAO*

LMBO.... See I wasn't around though. Let the "fun" begin. ((giggles))

Hey I been d@mn close to good today all day..What pictures..Jeeze, not all men...okay that is a lie..shutup! *Grins*

The key word in that sentence is "trying" but we both know you won't accomplish it. ((giggles))

Uhmm...No comment...Trying to be good today..*grins & laugh* at fungirl and opiumskore

:) But you have to adore my loyalty to my man, right? OMG he is so sexy. ((hugs))

LOL!!!! You know it made you shake... (with deep laughter.)

*rolling eyes & Laughing*

((thinking of headlocks.))



Like you had any doubt? *grin & laugh*

Awwww! I am glad that I can still make people smile.

No more or less than you..and..yep, you make me laugh. *Smile*

Of course... You expect no less from me, right?

Cute..very cute..*LMBO*

I am certain with as much as you like your beer that you have watered more than one lawn lol.

I am certain with as much as you like your beer that you have watered more than one lawn lol.

I love doing trim work but remember I am the girl that can't even drive the golf cart in a straight line? LOL

Lawn work is great, I enjoy it..but..simple fact is..everything is dryyyy...*LMBO* I don't water the lawn and mother nature stopped doing it too..I think we are in a battle of wills.*KIDDING*

LMBO! I live in a beautiful place and when you have a landscaper that comes to take care of the lawn a little lawn work never hurt anyone hehe.

Envy you there..It's hot humid and way too damn dry around here. Grass..nice crispy brown..plants, suffering..but hey..no yard work..*LMBO*..(slight adjustment) I have to stay in the d#mn house for a couple of days for being stupid..for a couple of weeks..*Laughs* That makes sense, somewhere in this world.

LMBO... I am glad you liked it. I lost connection on the internet. It is storming here and I am sitting out on the porch with the laptop loving every minute of it.

D@mn..ya' made me spit beer on the screen!!! *LMAO* Killer sense of humor! *Big Smile*