I want to dedicate this song to you mostly because I know it annoys you when I sing the "lalalalalalalalala" parts at the top of my lungs lol


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Never Ar.

-_- working against me!

You are welcome.

lol yes! i love the encouragement!!!!<br />
<br />
thank u fungirl lol :)

Now you encourage her...

lmfao im a hoot?<br />
<br />
yay lol

Thanks .... he did too. Not so much honestly but I have laughed a lot about it.


Good to flick too!

She is a hoot.

I don't fight in other peoples stories. I know how much the host dislikes that so i just ignore most the people i am not talking to, but ferret seems to be pretty fun to mess with.

LOL I don't mind hijacking as long as it is fun.

This is your second post we hijacked.. I don't mean to do it. I ignore most all of your other friends...

I hope so.

Its all good!

LOL play fair kiddies.

I win then!

yes lol. no we are fair. but i have to go to work lol before i get fired,

You know i am kidding..

glitch grrrrrrrrr<br />
<br />
im going to be late for work lol <br />
<br />
and please dont pick on me i'll cry lol



like omg!

lol omg. i was just joking around

Womenz are crazy man..

check the story lol

Well she kept sending hugs my way so i kept flicking her, then she called me fool and sent even more hugs now i have to flick her even more..

cuz he flicked me when i tried numerous times to hug him lol <br />
<br />
it was a joke.

Why did she call you that?

No she isn't! she called me a fool in her other story! so i flicked her!

That is true Ar but she is so nice.

Id laugh at ferrett though. Being mean is no problem for me!


hahaha yes! lol

Okay sometime over the next week.

ok good. cuz im not mean, i dont think i really have it in me to be mean actually

lol omg i so want to hear u sing the pineapple song!!! hahaha please recofrd it and send it lol i need to laugh

We know you wouldnt laugh ferrett

It is fine a lot of people either laugh at me or say aww about how i can't say L's right.<br />
<br />
People tell me i can fix it if i want by practicing some how, but i don't really care. Just makes my accent unique. I have a voice like no other!

LOL Ferrett and you should hear me sing the pineapple song.<br />
<br />
Is it something that you would or could fix?

i wasnt laughing at u i was laughing at parts of the song

I have a lisp i just can't pronounce L's right..

hahahaha omfg im like crying im laughing so hard hahahaha

I wonder why.

I can't say lalalala myself. Can't say the L parts it comes out as a W.

LOL but he hates this song.