HOW Can I Defect From the Usa?

I have had what I consider very bad experiences in the USA, basically due to the evil and oppressive health care situation in the country. I consider it genuinely life threatning, and I can site much evidence for that statement. I have experienced and witnessed what seems to me to be a growing menace to life from that sector. I consider that the government condones the activities of the health care people and in doing so creates the lethal persecution that threatens me and others. I believe that I may be more vulnerable than many others. I honestly believe that my returning to the USA will bring about an end to my life much sooner than not returning. I therefore feel I should be able to find refugee status in some country. In addition, I have found that I cannot get legal representation to assert any rights that are supposedly guaranteed. The problems I have had with lawyers have been financially devestating (NOT their fees, but other matters and bizarre and unethical practices that lawyers REPRESENTING me did). For these reasons mainly and other reasons as a minor matter, I seek ANY country that will seriously consider a refugee application from me.

If I was from Ghana, many countries would take a refugee application seriously. Besause I am from the USA, my plight is not taken seriously by any I know of. That is the purpose of this blog: to try to get the name of a country or countries that will seriously consider an application from a USA citizen. Any reply or suggestions will be very appreciated.

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I say we start a civil army and take over the government like other countries do when they are betrayed and fed up. This country isn't as strong as we think we just need people that have something to stand for we could always recruit with in or even outside I to want to defect but like others on here it seems impossible unless you have true information about the us that you could use as trade for citizenship so there is only one thing left to do become rebels

These are a handful of countries that take Americans who defect: Australia, Norway, Singapore, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, and Antigua.

You sound like me. I was robbed by lawyers and all of these acts,laws, treaties and executive orders being passed are very Nazi-like and very scary. I don't want to be here when the gun confiscation begins or ends even since the criminals will reign even more. I have daughters and we all know how women have even less rights here. America is a very scary place to be. TSA is nothing more than a gestapo and the police are being more and more militarized and trained to take on citizens that are just practicing their constitutional rights. I hate it !

I seek to escape the U.S. as well, and as one of my strengths is learning new languages, I'm trying to keep my options wide open. Right now, I am thinking Estonia, Finland, Latvia, and maybe Poland.<br />
I find that "freedom of ex<x>pression" is actually frowned upon here. One cannot actually be their own person, and I am told I have a European attitude, whatever that means. I do tend to make strong friendships with the Europeans I meet. If anybody can tell me how somebody mired in poverty can escape this hellhole, please let me know.

I too share your feelings, I want out of this oppressive bullshit that is america. I have recently taken steps to get off the control grid of cell phone companies. No easy task, the us does not allow unlimited sim cards for GSM phones like in ALL other countries. At this point I want to put everything I own in an a pod lock it away for a time, Sack my every day gear into a tote and hop a cargo ship to the UK to seek asylum from the US, this social experiment called the US is so far from intelligence or freedom of any kind that it is ludicrous to even try and have this conversation with the plebeian hoard of redneck violent christians.

If you are serious about leaving, I would sell everything you possibly can and find any legitimate way of making extra $$ and save every dollar you can. Then get your passport and visa to the country of choice. Perhaps raise $$ on the site. Who knows what can happen. But, what ever you do, keep your job until just before you leave.

What about Israel?

We have often thought of that country, too.

canada or better yet try the UK. from what i hear us yanks have the edge when it comes to imigrating there

I was going to suggest Canada as well (it's where I live), but our immigration system can be crappy here sometimes. You could try looking it up through Google, I know there's an official website.

1- go to Canadian website/embassy 2-talk to them about becoming a Canadian. 3-learn to love hockey.