I Am A Strong Believer In Tacoism.

The Grand and Magnificent Church of the Great Taco in the Sky

Tacoism is the belief that energy and matter govern all life. That destiny and fate are nothing more that chance and luck. Also, the church takes the strong and adamant stand that there may be a divine being somewhere in the universe, or there may not. Tacoism also encourages people to exemplify the ideas of liberty, kindness, fairness, and equality during their lives.

This religion rivals the Religion of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
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Not completely, however. Energy is mentioned. Energy is matter. Energy is where everything is derived. If that energy is what made us, it's a kind of God right? However, because it is just energy, it has no control over our lives. It created us. That's it. And when we die, the energy that leaves us rejoins that force to create new life. It's a circle. There is no fate, there is no divine plan. It's just energy and what we do with it. If that makes sense.

There seems to be an element of agnosticism there.

As if.....

You *seriously* think that's an adequate philospophical base to stand comparison with the Flying Spaghetti Monster?

The very fact the Flying Spaghetti Monster stands outside the narrow einsteinian constraints of matter and energy *because* of its god like nature enabled it to be the precursor to the universe.
Hence the opening of the sacred book of arial pasta manifestations
- In the begining was the word and the word was 'Light the blue touch-paper'.
Followed (in all due reverance) by, 'Err, I think I'll need to create blue touch-paper.
Oh, and some matches or um something. Lemme see. To do that, first I'll need to create matter. Mmm. Well that didn't quite ..... Oh! and of course yes energy that should..... Ooops. Oh shhh.....'.