I Already Have. It Has To Do With Apes And Trumpets.

Alright. Listen very closely 'cause this is a one time deal. Here's the thing...everyone, everyone in the world is an ape. There's clean apes and then there's damned dirty apes. Of course, some apes are just damned, and some are just dirty. but see, these damned dirty apes, they go around stomping on clean ape's trumpets. They just smash them right into the ground. It's not good to have a damaged trumpets. You see, trumpets, they represent your joy and everything that's good about you and then these ******* apes just stomp on that. Of course, there's different types of trumpets as well. They come in different shapes and different sizes and have different ordiments on them. Some are gold, some are silver and so on...they can be medium or large and whatever sizes there are. Some have little emerelds and rubies on them. It all depends on what type of clean ape you are because damned dirty apes, they don't have trumpets. It's not allowed...it's against the law. Also...there's giraffes. Giraffes and celery stalks. See, when a giraffe reaches it's long neck down and crunches right into a celery stalk, do you know what it's thinking? it's thinking this; this right here is the meaning of life. This celery stalk. and it's very, very true.

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1 Response Mar 4, 2010

I really like this -- it's simple yet awesome the way you described it.

Can the Apes trade some trumpets for celery?
Apes like celery too.

Beside which, Apes are smart and practical. They would probably think 'this is celery'.
I would be surprised if Apes would mistake celery for a philosophical abstraction.
But they might use thin strips of celery to fish for termites.
I've never seen Giraffes fish for termites, only chimps.