I Woke Up Crying One Morning

I feel I have been subconsciously and consciously removing some old traumas during my sleep, sorry if this sounds crazy but I know that when you push feelings down they don't go anywhere they sit and linger therefore you need to feel them to let them go and move on, so, In my dream I was at my favorite aunt's house, she showed me such love as a little girl to this day I feel like that little girl when I am around her, and I was at the top of the stairs with my cousin(her daughter) when suddenly I was on the main floor and I hugged my aunt and just started bawling and she hugged me back with such love and I just let out all the sadness I was carrying that I actually woke up at 6am sobbing I had to look over at my husband to see if I had woken him up which I hadn't. Another night I woke up at 4 am burning up I mean a very strange feeling, not sick at all just a burning sensation running up and down my body as if it were doing some kind of cleansing spiritual thing, I looked it up and sure enough I am not the only one this has happened to. I feel I am ready to let go of the old and start brand new and just roll with the punches currently in my life and not let things get to me as I did when I was a little girl.
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Jul 23, 2013