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That Would Be Awesome

and it is, i have done it in a way. i've just started it, since coming of some really tough stuff but i've learned to just move on from those thoughts, those dark places dont hold me as much anymore as they once did.

i'm going to live my own life now. its time i made happy thoughts and let the old ones die.

lmpulsive lmpulsive 22-25, M 4 Responses Aug 8, 2009

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oh i know you can never delate bad thoughts, it would be nice to do that sometimes, but they make you stronger.<br />
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i think i'm contdicting myself here lol. i have moved on though, i'm no longer stuck in the past but i think of the present and the future and right now they both look good.<br />
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thank you for the comment :)

That's called growing up and moving on. Crap happens. It sucks, it's sad, and you think it's going to destroy you, but people are resilient.<br />
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One day you get pissed at how much of your life has been robbed from you, and you take charge and start trying again.<br />
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However, you can't "Delete" old bad thoughts. No one can. That's okay though. Use those as your reasoning for why it's so important to enjoy your life, and your catalyst to do so.<br />
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best of luck

thank you for your comment SilentVoices, yes you are right. i hope to really reach for a better life, i can't let the past hold onto me.

Welcome..<br />
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dear friend thats the real and true approach towards life.. we should not allow some bad experiences that they dominate our current and future.. life.. so give some rooms to whom who are just waiting outside door.. and feel the difference.. its all about learning sharing hearing and .. making chanings for a better life..<br />
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best of luck..