That's Me.

So, hello, my name is Bethany. I'm 15. I'm in love. I'm nice around your parents but totally f*cked up when we're alone. 5'3'', I'm very pale, with dyed dark brown hair, my eyes are smudged with eyeliner and messy pink eyeshadow. I'm unhealthy and weak. I have dark circles and my complexion is almost sickly. I do math problems the slow, hard way. I drink & smoke socially, and recently I've been obsessed with BrokeNYCDE. I hate to eat but I stuff my face anyway. Borders is my favorite place in the world, with the smell of ink and coffee. I have a tumblr, but honestly, in my opinion, that site's turned to sh*t. I wish I could dye my hair bright blond, and might one day. My mother would kill me now. I also want a lip piercing.

that's me.
bathanie bathanie
18-21, F
Aug 12, 2010