WynHaven Described By Wynhaven....

  • Sweet & Kind
  • Needy, but Affectionate
  • Loving & Loyal
  • Natural Brown shoulder length hair (currently dyed reddish brown)
  • Caramel brown eyes with semi-long lashes
  • Natural beauty
  • Crooked teeth with engaging smile
  • A perfect handful in the torso area. ;-]
  • Can be a *****, but usually only at "the time of the month"
  • Has a gentle nature with all things.
  • Loves to cook & enjoys playing games
  • Tickles those she loves & laughs loud when getting tickled back.
  • Loves slow, sweet, kisses with lots of passion.
  • Loves to talk for hours about nothing & everything.
  • Is in love with someone she's never even met.
  • Has an old soul.
  • Loves winter.
  • Adores cuddling under quilts & watching movies.

Just a few things to describe me......... ;-]

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Mar 21, 2009