I no longer want to destroy myself, that's just, well, very old hat.  And I certainly don't want to destroy anyone else - au contraire mon petit chou - I enjoy making people happy.  But when I encounter prejudice, in all of its diverse and hideous manifestations, I would like to reward its self-righteous stupidity with terrible, swift justice.

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Mmm. I can understand this in particular cases.<br />
For instance we had a politician called Pauline Hanson, here in Australia, who started a "one nation" party that gleaned enough of a minority vote to get her into Federal Parliament for a short time. <br />
Her speeches about reducing immigration, and removing the special assistance programs for Aboriginals, encouraged racists to become more organised vocal and active. A gang of neo-Nazi youths in Adelaide plotted and organised an attack against, Juggumarra, the 10 year old son of a well known and successful activist. Near the end of the school day, as he came out in the yard, they threw petrol over him, and lit it. before rescuers could get to him, he suffered near fatal burns to large areas of his body and spent months in hospital.<br />
The public outcry was enormous and loud, with donations and help flowing from everywhere.<br />
Very rapidly, the murmur of dissent against racism rose to a crescendo, with many pointing to Hanson's attitudes as toxic and motivated by racism. She lost her next election, and despite renewed efforts, has never succeeded in getting back in. The culprits were caught and convicted.<br />
<br />
I think there are many lessons to be learned in this story.

I read this and I thought about how I smashed an old phone with a hammer one time when I was out of my mind. But your idea of it sounds lots more productive. :)

Unless my high school French fails me, is that "pineapple of the heart," AW? And have you seen a cardiologist for this?

Pamplemousse. It gets funnier every time I hear it.


Only when I laugh. Unfortunately, I'm extremely funny.

I'm swooning.

Destroying prejudice would take us a long ways towards having a very pleasant planet to live on.

You're right, I was wrong. My parents taught me that compliments are gifts, one should accept them gracefully. Thank you. :-)

I hate to think that instinct is noble, I would like to think it's common.