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Starting The Developing And Feeling The Effects!!

I feel the urge to rub then constantly!  They are just starting to feel a little flabby!   Walking down some steps the other day, I could feel them bouncing!  earlier today they just seemed to hurt.  I really don't recall my nipples being as sensitive as they are know!  I've been taking herbs for four weeks and sure haven't considered stopping!   If I need anything it would be a measuring tape!  I need to document all this!
haileeTV haileeTV 41-45, T 9 Responses Sep 20, 2010

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In addition to taking fenugreek, I also used it to make a cream that I rub onto my breasts 2-3 times daily. It's been a month and I feel the occasional bounce. I definitely feel the extra weight of them and they are so much more sensitive too. I've picked up about an inch and a half since I started trying to grow them.

Hi girls! Well you've seem what I have and it's from a herbal blend liquid I got from Naturesday, its an on-line store. Anyway YES the bounce makes you feel magical almost - bringing you into the world of being a woman hehehe. I'm truly happy for you!!!<br />
<br />
The Fox

breasts bouncing will feel so special!

I have just started taking Fenugreek today. I realize that it will probably be a while before I feel and see any real progress, but I really can't wait to have my very own breasts. It will be so nice to wear a bra and not need to stuff it to fill it out, I also can't wait until my breasts bounce when I walk. I love being a girl and the more feminine I become, the happier I will be.

Keep us posted on the progress,I find it fasinating

Keep us posted on the progress,I find it fasinating

They feel so fabulas! Thanks for your input girls!

It's been about a month now for me also taking some herbs. I agree, I cannot stop touching them and pinching my nipples. I use my hands to massage them everyday when I can and I think they are growing a little. I've used the snakebite kits and clothespins on my nipples and they are becoming more sensitive. I also feel that lately I love just rubbing my hands all over my legs and ***, turns me on. Soon Jessica hopes to post a few pics.<br />
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Hugs and kisses, Jessica

Teri, if you feel the bounce, start wearing bra, you hear !!