Ok The Word Diaper Came Up!

Now then I guess I should ask how many are here to be diapered and how many are here to do the diapering. I know I want to be the one being diapered. I guess I would feel more baby like if some one was nice enough to diaper me. A grade a plus if you ask me. Not that I don't know how to diaper myself but having some one do it just seems like it would be fun to try once you know. I would not care if they wanted to do this too me as often as they likes. If they just enjoyed taking control of me and keeping me in a diaper because it gave the a sense of power over another person. But again I guess I could diaper a girl if she asked nice lol not like that would happen but it is not a bad dream either.
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2 Responses Jul 18, 2010

I really want to be diapered, too. But I'd love to return the favor. I think diapering someone is very intimate - and sexy! The thought of diapering a man turns me on - as does the thought of being diapered by a man.

Yes babes, that would just be awesome!

it s a two way street you want to be diapered then you have to do some diapering

Says you. What if you get with someone who does NOT like diapers on THEM? Well, then you have a one-way street and every AB's dream, right? Too bad that's rare... :(