I Promised.

ive promised freinds an family that i wont go back to that dark place agian,but i think about it consently, i think about it would be easyier for every if i wasnt here. my mates wouldnt consently have to keep an eye on me(cause i do drugs and they consently are nagging me not to) .it would be easyier for my family (because i m epileptic caused by me snorting coke and have m.e)i hate the fact they have to go though watching that, i wish i could take there place when i have fit, but they say they dont mind, but i know they secretly do and me and me mates cant hardly plan to go out anywhere cause i might nod off.ive cut since i was 14 and still do.i made i massive promise to every about 8 months ago that i would stop tryin to kill myself and promised i would try an get off the drugs ,that never happend. but i havent tryed to kill myself recently which is better then b4.i almost got kicked out of college 4 being high. tnks for reading this.


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wow, i sorta know what u go through, i had to promise everyone that i would stop trying to kill myself, well after the one incident,,,, well besides the drugs which i quit, my life has, been not the greatest, well its good that you did that, and your still alive, well if u ever wanna talk im always here :D<br />
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