I am a lesbian, I have hated myself for this forever because i was raised Mormon. I want to come out so bad but I know that my parents wont accept me and will try to fix me. I am just starting to get over wanting to just end it all, and here i am again wanting to kill myself rather than be a lesbian. I am living a lie or i am living in fear of other peoples hate for me. I cant win. I would rather just die.
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5 Responses Jul 21, 2010

You can't have everything right now. Work on being happy with your choices, but keep them your secret for now. Later, you will find a time when you will be comfortable with a decision to let others know more about you. The reactions may surprise you.

I am a parent but not a Mormon. One of my daughters came out a couple of years ago. It didn't change how much I love her. I really only want her to be happy and it has been hard her entire live for her to be happy. I hope your parents can accept who you are. Regardless, you need to accept who you are so you have a chance to be happy.

I know so many gay and lesbian people who are older who are HAPPY and wonderful people, and they went through what you are going through right now...please don't give up. Live closeted if you must, but LIVE. The day will come when you can be yourself without shame. Since you have been raised a Mormon, I am going to assume you believe in a God...If you do, have you learned that God loves all? You are a beautiful woman, and you are perfect the way you are. Please do not give up. Please understand things DO change as you get older, and life is going to be so wonderful for please just hang around on this planet to find out what a great life awaits you! Peace and Namaste to you!

Sorry to hear this, but you have to be strong even if you feel you cant come out now hopefully when you are older when you can make you're own decisions you will be able to be with a girl or maybe not? I'm not completely sure what situation you are in, but all i can say is hang in there and i hope things work out for you.

(((hugs))) This is a tough situation. I'm sorry you are going through it. It's sad that people are closed- minded. Maybe your best option is to wait until you're a little older, and independent, before you come out to close ones. Best wishes to you.