Nothing To Live For

I have been in love with a man who has been going through a divorce (I am also divorced, that's not an issue), and he was all set to move in with me and start our new life together. We planned on having kids (I'm getting older and clock is ticking), and owning a house next year when his divorce is final. He is my soulmate, I have never been so happy around another person...he completes me and I complete him. He feels the same way about me.
A few days ago his business partner (and supposed friend) told him that he disagrees with the divorce and that if he continues to pursue it, he will take him to court. He actually went to a lawyer and got documents made up and also threatened to tell everyone in the business community that he is seeing me despite not being fully divorced, and make it into a scandal. He said that due to a divorce, my man could not run the company (they are co-owners) and that his wife will go after the company and he was not willing to suffer any financial losses.
My man felt he had absolutely no choice as now he will lose his family and his job/company, and so he has decided to stop the divorce and end things with me.
I'm devastated and feel betrayed by the co-worker who was also my friend for 5 years, I can't believe he blackmailed and backstabbed his own business partner.
We still love each other immensely. To break up over something as stupid as this and know that he is crying over me as much as I'm crying over doesn't make sense why his business partner would do this.
I have nothing now. I have absolutely no friends, no one to talk to about my day, no future, most likely no chance at having kids. I am stuck financially, and because I work freelance for the two guys, I may not even have a job anymore, and it's my biggest source of income.
I don't have anything to live for anymore.
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2 Responses Aug 12, 2010

i say tell the **** to **** off and leave yous alone thats if u have the guts only u will suffer

Sweet mother of god, Nobody has replied to you?You poor poor girl. Im so awfully sorry for you. This is so awful fo you. How are you now? I know things may have improved, maybe mot. Talk to me. Im a friend.