Who Says??

They say that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. What if that problem has been with you your entire life? Hardly seems temporary. I can't stand this life anymore. I pray and pray for things to get better but they don't. I'm not sitting on my pity pot that does me no good.I am just sick and tired of trying to move ahead and getting no where. While others who cheat this world and treat people like crap have no problem getting ahead. They say I need to change my attitude-done that-no help. Go to church-I do that-not helping either.My only son took his life several years ago-I was mad that he did-now I understand.I have absolutely nothing to live for-nothing!! The more I work it seems the deeper I get into debt. Got divorced four years ago and she still haunts me. She left me with so much debt that it's not funny. I do not put all the blame on her it is my fault also. I need a break. Some kind of a break.
Ivehadenuf Ivehadenuf
46-50, M
Dec 6, 2012