Let Me Die In Peace...

Alot of things have been going through my life lately and after all i've been through, now i just don't care at all, my sister had a baby girl the other day, i really couldn't care less, her wedding is in a week, i can't be bothered to go, i don't 'feel' depressed i don't think, i just would rather be left to die quietly in the corner, i am sick and tired of people coming into my life trying to push me to do something.

StrangeStranger StrangeStranger
26-30, M
3 Responses Feb 6, 2009

I could care less if my friends get married and have kids. Also, could care less about my coworker's best friend, girlfriend.

Honestly, I feel like your lack of motivation comes from the fact that you cant relate with anyone. You should make them relate to you. Make them feel ur pain.

You are not alone, I can empathize with your lack of motivation. Whilst there are major events happening in the lives of those closest, it can sometimes make us feel worse I think. Don't be hard on yourself, you can't help feeling the way you're feeling. Suppose your choices are to withdraw and not attend or 'put on a brave face' and give it a go - who knows it may be hard, but you may find some light moment that lifts your spirits - even if it's a millisecond, it's one more than you had today. Support is here for you whatever you decide.