The Last Few Weeks

I had this feeling first on the 1 Jan 08 and even though things improved in some of the time inbetween i dont think this feeling has ever lost me. I have recently dipped down into low moods again. I have found that the feelings have come back strong as ever. I dont see the point to life, i still firmly believe i would never have made it this far without having my cat. As i am responsible for him and i would never want him to be looked after by my mother who I believe would probably keep him. That has been the only think that has kept me from ending my life previous to this year. I am just not sure why i am living any more I have made so much effort i dont want to fight any more I have no energy left. I just want to take something that takes me away from here.

Thanks for listening

Gemma86 Gemma86
22-25, F
1 Response Mar 11, 2009

I feel very similar. I think that I might not be around now if I didn't have my dog and cat.