I'm Too Afraid To Kill Myself

I just want to die but I'm too scared to do it myself. Their is no point to my exsistence and I know that because no matter how much I try and lead a normal life, interact with others, do what I want, nothing EVER goes my way. I am just so ****** depressed that I literally was contemplating what im going to do if someone or something doesnt kill me because I can't take this pain and depression.

I hate my family. My mother and father pay no attention to me and just shout and hate me and call me useless and wothless all the time, which is true that is what I am. I just HATE living in this house and im to young to leave, im just a giant mistake.

I have no friends. Everyone around me is a snake and just thinks about themselves. I ******** hate these people who I call my friends and am tired of listening to their wonderful lives when they have no idea what life really is. Everyone is so ******* selfish.

I suck balls at school. I hate work and I will never be good enough and I just Fail at everything omg. I just hate my life. People just DONT like me . They dont I am so nice and sweet and yet they just dont like me. Its not me I know its not I know how I act and what I say and how I look life just isnt meant for me. I want to die NOW.

theConfused theConfused
18-21, F
Nov 2, 2009