I See Nothing Left For Me Here.

On September 12, 1997 my mother passed away from cancer. She had left me a $40k for college and my future. My father gambled all my money on some investment that cost my family our home as well. He reassured me for 11 years until my 21st birthday where he could no longer dodge the truth and confessed unemotionally and with no remorse. I hate him to this day and did my best to go back to school for a trade in Medical Billing that got me nowhere but a tremendous debt to pay. After landing my first job in the field I was shortly let go during an emergency appendectomy. My appendix ruptured and I had lost my phone before it happened. My job let me go during the time I couldn't contact them. After doing my best to live with friends and eventually losing them because I could no longer support myself, I find myself wanting to die more than ever. Please don't talk to me about God. All I want is a reason to keep holding on. 

ImpoliteApology ImpoliteApology
22-25, M
Feb 17, 2010