It would be kind of relieving not to wake up tomorrow.. I think..
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Yesss <3

I often think of suicide as well. It seems like it would be the only way people would just stop and think about how much my heart hurts. For all the girls I have loved, each one has left me with deep emotional scars that I cannot shake. I want to be loved by a girl and love her for the rest of my life.

I never knew such soul destroying pain existed. Every day is like ground hog day. I have no emotional or physical energy. I have major depression and have since my dad comitted suicide. I forgive him in absolute, knowing the pain that drives a person to suicide. But his pain was passed onto me, I now carry it through life like a curse, every single day. He gave up, forsaking all father-son bonding, expericences and love. He didnt believe there was a future. Now at the age of 22, I know he was wrong. I wish I had a dad.

Please hold on. Will you do it with me? Just for a short while. Lets see how next week turns out. It might be better than this week. Smiles and love to you, gorgeous. This pain you're feeling right now, I feel it too. You matter to me, just knowing you exist in such pain makes you more important than I could ever say. Know this....I would lay on a bed of thorns and sever my hand to keep you on this Earth...

I feel the same way. I had an attempt when I was 16 and didn't work. I feel so lonely that it's like to be in winter all the time. y couple doesn't pay attention to me and he is soulless. his father is a manipulates. he manipulates him with money. My boyfriend is disabled and needs the money. He doesn't want go do anywhere. My life it's just vegetating.

You need a break. Get your exams out of the way and treat yourself to a nice holiday.

I do have the next week off from work... but gotta study..
Wish I could do that though... not to care about anything, that's why the idea and the song sounded relieving to me, I will stop caring once I am dead.

thinking could be your problem...stop thinking...stop worrying...nothing can be so bad as to beleive that it will all be ok if you ceased to exist....what about the people who care for you or rely on you?...and who knows what you are destined for in the future...if you never see that future you will never know ... sleep tight and sleep well but wake in the morning with a new attitude that just maybe that one smile you give a stranger on the street on day may save them to...that your beautiful face will turn a person and make them fall in love with you, who knows....thats the whole point...we go with the ride its tough right now...we all have the downs coz if we didnt there would be no ups!!...keep with us xx

Thank you for the nice comment, I am smiling again. wow!

The problem with that kind of relief is it lasts forever, whilst you wouldn't be suffering from what is currently bothering you, you would also never again get to experience life's joys, doesn't seem like a wise idea when you think about. Whatever is going on with you right now you can get through it, I know it's a cliche but this too shall pass.

I understand what you are saying.. but the idea sounds relieving to me at the moment, maybe not wise but makes me feel free... Don't worry I won't kill myself if that's worrying you.

Glad to hear it! {{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}

:) I think this is the first time I smile today.