Not Read Yet But When It Comes' ....


and hope and pray no one should ever die this way again' but sadly it happpens 24/7 where the operating room has bateria which gets into the cuts or wounds and you catch it and sars or another disease hits you.

I want to just go to sleep and just die there' at peace and in my P.J.'s with my son and cat out f the room of course.

Dieing now is one of my biggest fears though as my son i adopted is only almost 13 and has has a life of sorrow as he lost ' mom dad grandma all in 2 yrs and he only has me now' and if someway I  died he would lose his mind' so i am so careful crossing streets.In my hood you need a white or red scarf to wave it as to show CROSSING I AM CROSSING THE STREETS IDIOTS' as they will almost hit you 99.9 times every day.Maybe  because they can't speak or read english or maybe as theyre' texting' or talking on phones while driving..gggrrrrr.We have a law against this behavior' but they cannot read it any way and do WTF  they please any how.Moving i amm and soon..

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You could always get one of those air horns like they sell in boating stores...gaurantee that will wake the texters.. :)

Venture into my life and I'm sure you would change your perspective.

I am saddened to read of your Mom's death in such awful circumstances, LA. It does sound as though you have a generous and loving heart and that your son really needs you. You be extra careful crossing those streets!<br />
<br />
I hope, when it comes, that your passing is as gentle and peaceful as you describe -as though you are moving from one sleep to another- but I hope it doesn't come for many, many happy years!