In A Bad frame Of Mind!!

im just feeling really low these days!! i cant find any happiness, and i cant seem to find any way out, im just being sad, i know i am, but i just cant help it, i just feel like everything is messed up just now, and i dont know whats going on!! i dont have the guts to kill myself, but sometimes i wish someone else would!! its not that i dont appreciate what this beautiful world has to offer, i just feel that the world doesnt appreciate me!!!
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5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

hehe lol!!!

I understand, I've had that feeling many times myself. But I'm glad this is old, I would've never met you!

thats what scares me too, is the fact that maybe one day i will kill myself!!!

i know how you feel. I have been feeling like that everyday lately. It seems like my time is up and I'm living on borrowed time. I feel like i'm in a box and the only way out is death.If I cant find the peace that I'm looking for in life maybe ill find it in death.. I'm afraid to kill myself because of the pain that it will bring to others but I know deep down inside i have the strength to do it.. I'm afraid that one day I eventually will :(

yep, thats exactly it!!! i dont normally talk about this subject, and i might even end up deleting this story, cos i dont even feel like this all the time, its only sometimes, but when i do, it seems to get really bad!!!