I Wanna Die

My boyfriend wants me to break friendship with my male friends, i just have got male friends in my life, because  all female friends i found were selfish, i love my boyfriend, but at the same time i get angry on me for breaking my friendship with my  friends, my best friend who were with me in my bad times, when my boyfriend broke my trust, and now he wants me to leave them or else he will leave me forever, so i jus wanna die, ihate this world because i met only selfish people in this world, i just want to finish my life...
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1 Response Aug 10, 2010

Then find another boyfriend. You are still young and will find better boyfriends. He's not worth it if he is forcing you to ruin friendships with people who were there for you and are more trustworthy than him. Hopefully you will realize that soon.<br />
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I know it is often a bad idea to say this, but you really are overreacting if this is the only reason that you want to die. Try not to be offended by me saying that, I'm not trying to be rude, but the point is you are dealing with someone you don't need to. It is not essential that you have a boyfriend, especially when you have many other guy friends who are willing to hang out with you, so why let the fact that he is in your life make you want to die when you would be better off without him?<br />
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