I Hate Being Alive

I hate being alive I just want to die. I am to much of a coward to commit suicide. My wife has left me for another man and ruined our family took my daughter. She has done everything she can to hurt me on purpose and it works I just wish that I could get in a catostrophic car wreck or something. I am sick of life ******** on me and everything I do being to little to late. I just wish that I could fix the problems I have but there is no fixing them. There is no hope of reuniting my family no hope at all she even unfriended my on facebook. Will everybody who reads this pray and hope my life ends.
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I want to die also. I think we should do it together. You can shoot me i the back of the head while I am sleeping and them you can shoot yourself. That will work. Call me sometime please !!!!! We both need to DIE ASAP !!!!!!!

I'm constantly in pain and my husband belittles me or pretends I'm not really in pain. He'll call me a moron or get frustrated with me. I think he disrespects me for taking him back. I wish I was dead. I have considered ODing. why not? no reason to live if I'm only in pain. God, take my life and save a terminal child instead.

Hi tekers<br />
Below I have copied 8 Laws. Number 6 seems to apply to you directly: The future and the past are seldom as good or as bad as we anticipate or remember. The others are good too. I really suggest meditating on them and get strong. In the future you will have a good relationship with your daughter but you have to be there.<br />
<br />
Friday's Laws are are eight fundamentals of normal, effective thinking. These Laws can help you improve what is good in your life and change what is not so good.<br />
<br />
<br />
Friday's Laws are as follows:<br />
<br />
1. Life is difficult. <br />
2. Perception is reality. <br />
3. Change is the toughest thing a human being can do. <br />
4. You can never change another human being; you can only change yourself. Once you change, they change, but you cannot change them. <br />
5. I am responsible for everything I do and say. I am not responsible for your response. <br />
6. The future and the past are seldom as good or as bad as we anticipate or remember. <br />
7. Nobody has a squeaky-clean psyche. <br />
8. The only thing that lasts forever is...Now. <br />
<br />
Very best wishes - sorry about the list but they came to mind when I read your story.<br />

Tekers, dying is not the answer. If you die, your daughter will be raised solely by her mother. She will not have your emotions, thoughts, reactions, choices, life lessons, to think about when she is having a hard time in life.<br />
My husband got divorced, his wife cheated on him, he walked in on them. The point is, he had 3 boys he walked out on. He just left; he didn't visit, he didn't call. He was selfish, just like you are being now.<br />
His children are grown now, still carrying resentment, and his youngest will not talk to him.<br />
Please look at the future, not just at this moment. Use this forum to vent/rant/rave whatever you need, but please don't think horrible thoughts, we need you here :)<br />
It will take time, time is the only thing that will mend your heart :) Plz keep posting, let us know you are o.k. :)

Firstly I am only reading this because I myself want to die today, and googling led me to you, funny how we can't listen to advice we readily give to others, but here's my try;<br />
1- I have no idea whether or not you are in any way to blame for the brakedown of your situation, no idea, for all I know you might be a complete bastard or she might be a horrible selfish *****, or a bit of both;<br />
2- You have a daughter, YOUR daughter, whatever she does you have a daughter, and she can't take that away from you.<br />
3- Go get some free legal advice, find from deep within some strength, one day your daughter will want to know the truth, even if it's years from now where you suffer alot of pain, you must be able to say to your daughter; I did all this in order to keep seeing you, not, I felt so low I just gave up.<br />
4- If there's anything, ANYTHING your ex could use against you e.g lack of money, alchohol dependence, whatever, get it sorted out now if you have any problems that she could use against you don't be temped to stay there, climb out, it will only give her power.<br />
5- Focus on your daughter, not your ex, you are probably right in that you won't get back together but then she doesn't sound like she's the one for you anyway, you made a mistake, but this mistake brought your daughter into the world; not this new guys daughter, your daughter, fight for her, so that whatever happens, one day she will know you did everthing in your power to see her.<br />
6- lastly take care and wish me the same.