A Useful Reframing Of My Suicidal Thoughts....

I found a great statement in an online resource:

Suicide is not chosen; it happens
when pain exceeds
resources for coping with pain.

I really like this.  It simultaneously acknowledges how crappy I feel and puts it into a quantifiable description. This statement also removes the nagging sense I have of "why can't I just suck it up, put it behind me, and marshal on?"

So many dead ends and failures in this crappy life of mine.  I've had to just stop, put down the load, and bury my head in the sand for a while (forgive me for mixing metaphors!).  I feel like a shark that will die if it stops moving, or, in my case, stops struggling against the morass of my circumstance. 
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1 Response May 5, 2012

I like the way you think.