No One

Feeling like no one at 58; as if my entire life was for nothing.  My hands are empty, my hart in pain. everything that I try to do to walk away from this thought is temporary.  The pace and eternal conclusion of death lures me.  I am negotiating for time and I will continue... I do not know who much longer I can sustain this pain of living.  There is no story to tell.  There is no one here.mcast
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4 Responses May 5, 2012

I'm a philosopher.

You are just a fragile human just like all of us.

I am not against suicide. The right to live also involves the right to die. If your life really is that bad, you should consider ending it. Just like putting down a very sick dog. It is humane.

You are awesome ! You make me laugh so much. It's great to realize that wallow in self pity is all about self inportance and attention seeking. Thank you there is nothing better than a dose of reality.

There is a world out there waiting to suck the life out of anyone who isn't willing to stand up for themselves. If we allow the world around us to be our support then we are destine to fail. However if we look to the inner circle of people we know then and only then can we truly receive the joy of life.

Tru, nevertheless there are thouse dark moments...
I am back into the light, at least for now.

I'm really sorry. I know the despair and despondency of which you speak. It can be very difficult to face each day, with such pain and feelings of hopelessness. We all need something to look forward to, and we all need (or most of us) a close personal connection with another human being. True emotional intimacy, with someone who knows us well, and accepts us for who we are, and how we are. Someone we can trust, and we know they have our best interests at heart.<br />
I am trying to deal with my own pain and despair. Sometimes it's too much to get out of bed, but when I can, I have to take care of myself...first...and plan for a positive future that is daunting to me right now, but I will endeavor to take one small step at a time, and with hope, and the love and care of my friends here on EP, I will make it through. Bless you.