I don't know why anymore. I've been coping with these suicidal thoughts for a while now. I've gone to therapy for years, been in intensive patient programs hospitalization programs. I just don't see a point to try anymore. More than anything else I feel like a burden. I know that's a FEELING. Please don't give me the run around about beliefs and feelings, I've gone through almost 6 months of therapy, books, exercise, pills, dr.'s, nutrition, classes....blah blah blah. I FEEL pain, I FEEL sad, I FEEL like I and the world would not care by tomorrow if I go. I'm ok with that. I see no point in moving forward with this life. I have no more strength to keep going. Even now I'm researching fast easy clean ways to end my life, and/or just contemplating on going down to the train depot, haha there's be hardly anything left of me at all.
scarletOhara91 scarletOhara91
18-21, F
May 8, 2012