The S Word

Today I learned that the word suicide is not to be said in school. I was basically kicked out. I am not allowed in the school until I get a note from my therapist saying that I'm no longer a danger to myself. I don't lie to my therapist and she won't lie to my school. She's thinking of sending me to a hospital. Gods help me.
HunterFae HunterFae
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2 Responses May 8, 2012

I dont dig therapists and shts like that. I am afraid of them. (shhh).never been and never will ask help from therapist. I didnt know it was so bad. In my opinion having "forbiden" words is just plain childish rules. And the ewageration...geez! In your place id start screaming it over and over if they told me "no!". But dont do it. Good luck out of this one.