I Attempted Suicide A Year Ago And I Should've Died That Day.

I took 48 pills, and at the time I took them I wanted to die. it was an impulsive decision. 20 minutes after I called 9-1-1 on myself because I was scared and having second thoughts. I had to get my stomach pumped and the doctor said if I had waited another 45 minutes I would have been dead. most days I wish I would have waited that 45 minutes. I should've died that day.
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1 Response May 9, 2012

I've read that people who survived suicide all say the regret it the last minuites. I know my mother did the same thing otherwise shed be dead now. I would never tolerate fourty muinites of pain. Its better to let fall from a high place. Or shoot brains out. That way theres no time to think.