I feel like I can't go on. I do because I have a son. I am the only family he has and I am his mother and I love him but he deserves better but he is stuck with me and only me. There is nothing better for him but he deserves better. There no god that would give him me. So I am stuck here in this world. I can not bare it. I can hardly move. Can't function and don't want to but I have no way out. I should have ended it before I had a child. Then the two of us would not be here in this problem. I am so sorry to my son. I didn't mean for my pathetic life to have this impact on him. I am so sorry. I don't want to go on. I need to be gone. Nothing will change the way I feel. If I ever lose my son I will also be gone on that day. I hoPe he gets away from me and can make a good life for himself when he is older, when I know he has others in his life that love him and financially he is ok then I will go too. I hope that happens.
Stgc6237 Stgc6237
May 12, 2012