Lonely,sad, Depressed

Raised children since I was young last child did everthing possible to raised her right to do things that were for her age left home told the family I abuse her so she could stay with them the worst is that they belive her found notes were her boyfirend told her to do it so that I would throw her out. However I never threw her out and never abuse her my daughter was everthing to me I spend 18 years alone. In the end I seemed to have raised a child that is manipulative and a lier. I have no friend ONly had children dont know what to do here i am years later by myself. I feel betrayed. Cant trust anyone and im very angry. Ok really i just feel like there is no reason to live anymore sorry for rambling im just wow in so much pain. thats just a little of what going on.
mimi8778 mimi8778
46-50, F
May 13, 2012