i am a 38 year old male and i have two children... because of poor choices in my life i have lost a good job and now i am a convicted felon who cant get a good job anywhere...im sick of living like this...i know theres nothing here for me anymore...i dont get excited about anything anymore....all i do is just think of how to get the hell out of here in the least painless way...ive lived 38 years and have nothing to show for it but my kids and now ive let them down ....my friends have all walked away from me because im not the person i used to be or i dont want to party all the time like they do....my wife loves me to the bottom of her heart but with all the bad its not enough to make me wanna stay here...i know theres no god and no after life so spare me the god talk...we are here by chance and my chance is almost over...my kids are almost grown and wont need me much longer and then i will really be looking for a painless way out of this **** hole
gkcustom gkcustom
May 15, 2012