Lifeless With Nothing Left To Give.

I have nothing left in me. I want to die everyday. I have felt this way since i was 6 years old. Why cant i stop this feeling this need. I am dieing already inside day by day i feel less and less like myself. I wonder when my mom died why didnt she take me with her why did she leave me to go through this. Im tired of fighting i cant no more. My man only cares about hav ing sex not that im about to be evicted from my apartment and be homeless with my daughter and cats why should he, he can go back home to his mom. Where can i go i have no one who cares about me i have been on my own a long time i have helped so many now who is gonna help me no one as usual i must go through it alone. But i cant i just cant im soooo tired for every step foward i take several more back after all the life on the streets why am i not dead yet what is my purpose im afraid to seek help because im afraid to lose my daughter my family already took my son i wont let them do it again she is the only thing that keeps me alive without her i no longer have a reason to live im so afraid that if i kill myself she will end up like me and do the same thing later in her life. But here i am in my bathroom with a knife at 2:38am writing on a website thinking how can i do this without hurting my children?
champayne champayne
1 Response May 16, 2012

before u die, make sure ur child will be taken care of.