Are We Cursed?

All the women in my family end of alone, poor, and sick. I am beginning down that lonely path.

I completed my master's 3 years ago, but at my age, cannot possibly find a full time job in education. All the jobs are given to fresh, college grads with little or no experience. And, little need for larger salaries.

I had my only daughter late in life. She's 15, I'm 55. Only the 2 of us now. She's good student, child, daughter. Love her much.

I can't provide everything that she needs. My health is getting bad. Stomach, diverticulitis. Right now I have insurance, but I'm afraid the state will take it away.

I look back more than look forward. Too much tech to learn I can't keep up. I just want to go and garden. I want to crawl into bed and never wake up. Just dream of carefree days of listening to radio, riding my bike and wearing my sweatshirts inside out.

I'm invisible as most women my age. Without a man, I'm really nothing. Can I fade away?

hunterlee hunterlee
51-55, F
May 19, 2012