Sick And Tired

I am suffering from fibro. and depression. I don't want to do anything anymore, I pray every day that I could just die. I don't think anyone would care, except for my parents. I have people who say they are my "friends" but they never call to check up on me or ask me to go anywhere with them. I am constant pain, both physically and emotionally. I had some things happen to me as a child that has scared me and I can't get past. I have been in a mental health hospital before, but now I don't know if anything would help. I do have faith in God and know that I will go to Heaven, it is definately better than where I am now. I am not one of those people that believe you cannot get forgiven for commiting suicide. I have attempted suicide once already and really want to give up now, because I don't care about life or living.

Suffering44 Suffering44
May 22, 2012