I'm 19 And Pregnant

I'm 19 and pregnant. The baby father is going to leave me. I am getting an abortion. Ive been suffering with depression and anxiety most of my life. I was abused when i was in junior high. I want to die. 
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I'll advice you not to get an abortion. This baby,your baby might just be the one who'll make you happy in ways you can never imagine. I can't imagine raising a child at such a young age,it will be hard just as life is but the moment you hold your baby in your arms might be worth it.

your life is not as bad as you think. I dont want to come off as a jerk but it was your choice to have sex. It was also your choice to have the kid. <br />
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I was taken away by the state when i was 7 until I was 14. I burnt down the woods behind a store. I stabbed my baby sitter. I beat the crap out of my siblings. I have High functioning Autism; Didnt know it then but Having HFA and a mother addicted to dope wasnt a good mix! Our step father was an alcoholic as well. We grew up in bars. <br />
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While I was away in these state facilities. I was severely abused by the staff running these places. Drug down the stairs by my foot. My arms cranked behind my back. Knees in my chest. I watched another boy get raped with a nail. Talking about traumatizing! I fought once a day and on bad days 2 or 3. I forgot to mention i was made to watch my sister get molested. <br />
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So up to speed. My brother is in prison for 10 years. Moms fresh out of prison last month. Little sis is pregnant with 2 kids and a dope habit she is trying to keep at bay with methadone. She also is a very bad clepto! Wynona Ryder status!! Which i think is the legal government equivalent of heroin. Instead of lining the dealers pockets with money, you line the governments. Its like a pass to do drugs. <br />
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Well I was homeless last year for the whole year. I am on disability because of my severe communication retardation. I collect $700 a month from the state of New Jersey. A one bedroom is $1000 plus. Luckily my grand father took me in. But he has cancer and he wont be here forever. I can probably same the same for my mother with her heroin use. be a mother for once and stop doing drugs! Two weeks out of prison she left and moved in with some guy who smokes weed and drinks and uses her for her money. <br />
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She believes she will be fine. I have struggled so much. I have been in and out of jail and prison. Not knowing that there was a reason for my alcohol abuse and behavior.... HFA. If only I had a mother that cared and wasnt high all the time I could of had a regular life. <br />
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My point is that your life isn't so bad.

haha wow seriously my bad sorry my problems arent as bad as yours but i was just posting like everyone else on here so calm down lol

really thats ur problems? who gives a **** about Jounior high! i was bullied 2.

If he leaves you he has the right if he leaves your unborn child hes not a man.Sometimes situations like these bring out the people who really support us if your baby father is not supporting you now let him go it'll be worse in the long-run. As for your unborn child ultimately its your decision.If theres one thing in this world you need to start loving it's yourself although youve had a ****** up life filled with abuse your not dead and theres a reason for that. If you cant help yourself take time to help others less fortunate than you which there are visit any cancer clinic with young children and find reasons to live.Depression and anxiety can and will sometimes hold you down but you have to be strong if there is no purpose make one.Good things happen when we focus on bringing the positive into our lives separate yourself from the negativity no matter what it takes and work on loving yourself.