Will I Be Better Off Dead?

A few months ago my mom died after a two year fight with cancer I thought I was prepared but when it happened I just lost control.
My stepmom treats me like crap on a daily basIs she picks at my biggest weakness and throw my past in my face and my dad always takes her side even when she's wrong.
I always wonder if it would be any different if I died I would rather die and be with my mom instead of here.
Ghost199 Ghost199
18-21, M
3 Responses May 25, 2012

Just run away, and forget them.

No, you will not be better off dead! :(<br />
I know it's hard and it hurts but trust me when I say that you are strong.<br />
People are sad and pathetic. Some of them want to bring you down, but some of them will bring you back up, there are some good people...<br />
You need some more of them in your life! hehe<br />
Spend time with friends, go out and meet beautiful people.<br />
When you can leave it'll be better, but try and talk to your dad on his own, he loves you and should try to understand.<br />
I hope things seem better soon mr :) x

stop holding back and fight.