Today is sad, but there isn't a thing wrong
Life seems to be on hold where I'm spinning down in the wrong direction
I want someone to save me.
On the outside it's perfect... it's all perfect...

Too perfect...
then it's not perfect anymore
then everything falls apart...

I'm married then divorced. I'm all alone and then I'm fired from my job and I have no money and I'm visiting food pantries then I find out I''m sick and I really need surgery and my health insurance won't be there because I got fired. and everything is wrong... everything is WRONG

I'm on the side
I'm on the verge


then I'm fine... I am surviving and I feel love.. but at the same time... I just want to die.

I want this over with. The pain is a burden, but life is just plain difficult. So many other things that I can't even find the words for

I find myself living because that's the responsible thing to do not because it's what I want.
brookiecookies brookiecookies
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 9, 2012

you got a choice in spirit , "where will you spend eternity"??? even I feel like leaving this life. and my spirit goes to the other beings. But I do not want to die in this time yet. when it's time.

do not do it. because where will you spend the rest of eternity with your spirit? that is the main question and your answer is you will have no where to go spiritually but lost in the spirit world. think about it.