My Very Own DIY Guided Imagery For Self Deliverance

Get drunk and alone (or with that special someone) and gather your means. Now imagine a negative circular space around you filled with all the menacing degrading people and even mean animals that ever hurt you. This is easy because you won’t have to make any of it up. Now start to remember all they did to you. The lashing and slapping and spanking and bullying and biting and stinging and hitting. Try to remember everything they did. Did you scream? Did you cry out for mercy? Remember how you screamed or cried. Now while you are still recoiling from the physical abuse flashbacks start to remember what these self-righteous people were saying to you. They might have said you will never amount to anything or you are stupid or you are clumsy or how we wish you had not been born or maybe you can remember their threats of even worse things to come. Now start to think about an even bigger circle. Just think about everything you could have become if your world had been supportive and grieve for all that could have been and will never be. If you don’t have a job, or if you think you might lose your job, just think about how long it will be before you get the next one and try to  see yourself maybe suffering from lack of health care or housing or even food. Now you are ready to use your chosen means to deny this world one more future victim of its cruelty. And if you could have reproduced, the world will be deprived of even more victims. You will know you reduced the total misery in world by at least one but who knows, maybe many more. Go in peace.
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2 Responses Jan 9, 2013

I'm sorry, moved and concerned to read this story. I found it because of a very gentle, thoughtful comment you made on a quite different subject. The exact opposite of the guided imagery you describe could be just as true, and leave you in tears with a renewed wish to feel what's still of value in this hurting world... Very best wishes.

An interesting view of a forever on going cycle. Do you think those who choose will find peace? what say u?