Why I Wish Not To Exceed Passed The Age Of 40

I wont and there is no way I ever will *cries* but being an old man and having your own children will cease to exist nor will I ever have a female companion,ever.......

since I have never had anybody in this life at all I want to remainder the next decade on my own until death I rise up as a spirit above my ashes to come and arise back from the spirit life and back from the dead to save humanity from an alien attack on earth in the future.

I know this will happen this way for me because there is nothing for me that I need at all :(

I am not going to live even passed 40 I will die for my arrival back from the spirit life will be my biggest hit for humanity.

I must go and I do not wish to go any further but to have toxic needles inject into my blood stream and put me to my death entirely I HAVE TO DO THIS!!!!!!

forget this life or whatever its worth living for god has nothing foor me at all and I know that.but he has everything for everybody else who will have lovers and soulmates and partners and a reason to grow old while I do not sorry god but you have nothing for me at all in this life goodbye forever let me go.
aitan20 aitan20
26-30, M
Jan 9, 2013