Life So Crul To Me

I been told as a kid to always be nice help people .the end what i get nothing,life is so mean i cant fight anymore 4 month with no job,no girl,no friends.
so what is the point for living? Its 3 month already even more since i had nice chat with some1.Ilovk my self from every1 and just waiting do die.all i know the good guys finish long it will take?every day i sleeping like 14 hours ..
i come to this world no1 ask me if i want to come to earth .im thinking what i did wrong in my ex life that im beeing hurt all my life?i dont tall to my family 3 month none i just want it be over ,and not coming to this world again.the worst enemy is hope .when you lose you'r hope you like dead walking like a zombie .your a life from the out side but the inside it's empty dead.

nothingtolive4 nothingtolive4
31-35, M
Jan 19, 2013