why the life its so mean to me .the say time will heal but in my case i dont see anything change its just gething worse.i remeber i use to be on the top working hard but making money alot.you know money in life come and go this is why its around.and think about it money is the most dirty think all the hand its exchange.but love its something special that make u feel good no matter what happend as long ur love 1 support u and beliving u feel like a dream .how u know ur awake ? when ur love 1 brake ur heart than its hurt so much that u feel ur live agian but the other hand u want to die fast ..yes this is how i feel. i feel life cheat on me no hope for nothing .every day i wake up around 1 pm and thinking today its going to be better .but its not ..i just want it be over .every time when i come to this site to say what on my mind or even when i just log in i feel like i want to cry .i dont know why???whats the point of living if u lost ur hope ???
nothingtolive4 nothingtolive4
31-35, M
1 Response Jan 22, 2013

im feeling exactly the same now....everything is gone now...money...good career...friends...and most specially...love...i've been struggling trying to survive but, it seems i'm beeing pulled down...you know the feeling of "you are already knocked down and yet you are continuously punched?"...what pains most?...i'm now betting for my father's life...i'm sending him into medication twice a week due to kidney failure...all that i have invested were gone now...nothing left...not a single penny...worst...i've been hearing how he suffers for pain every night...yet i cannot do anything except to cover my ears so i can't hear him...my life is a total mess...everything seems dull...IM REALLY TIRED...