No One Cares

no body would care if i died and i dont think anyone cares about me now. everyone seems to be going against me lately and its making me to the point that i dont wont to live. i got over suicide before but now i think i want to start back doing it. i have no live or future.
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first no one care for anyone in this life,so you are not an exception,b brave and try to hv no expectations from others,i dont know you bt its really need to think about that why everyone is seeming against you?is its with you or all people are wrong?m not blaming you but you should need to re-examine yourself tht eithr u r making so much expectations or you r so demanding tht no one can fulfill them,i admit this tht sum times we face the people who are very rough but dear you hv to strive for ur life ,u hv to to fight for the hapinesses tht r for u,whn i say fight it does not means fight in real sense its just the confidence and faith upon you,please get sum courage finish all expectations and face the life as it is,its not a peace of cake,if you r seeing sum people living very easy life thn must examine thier life and try to find out the reason of their easy life,if you find out their family support in this matter thn make a promise to urself tht you shall strive very hard to give your children a very healthy atmosphere so they can live a life like other people are living,this will giv you the courage to smile,try this :)

I have felt so many many many times in my life.... Today I'm still alive... n today too, i was feeling very very lonely again ... I pray that you overcome it... I have no solution or advice too, cos me too I'm just trying hard to keep my head outside the water... We need to be brave I guess... and face it whatever it is ... inside...

Life is ******. I also want to die but I'm too gutless to go through with it and I don't have the guts to put my family through the aftermath.

please don,t give up you have your whole life ahead of you<br />
I know it probly doesn,t feel that way now just try to hang<br />
in there im here if you need someone to listen<br />
my prayers are with you

I hope you are still alive?

im broken. So sick of all this pain! dont have the will to live. no one would care. they dont care now!

hey when here is no point in living why fight it?is the after life really any worse than this life?

I also through many obstacles so just hang in there and just step forward. see the world with your eyes and you will think that the world in front of you is really beautiful :) just trust in yourself and be brave :D

im right there with you, people think it's so important that people fight to stay alive, but there isn't. what's the point of struggling i mean really. NOBODY is going to get me out of this mess i created so whats the point i'm hoping that i'll drum up the courage to kill myself shortly after posting this message

I hope you don't. I am here trying to drum up the courage to live, nobody is going to get me out of this mess I have created either but, I'm here so I can find a way to keep trying to get myself out. I have a nephew who committed suicide at the age of 17yrs. that was about 15 yrs ago and I still really miss him and wish I could have stopped him. Sometimes you don't know who it is that wants to keep you here but I bet someone does. I don't know you but I want you here. Wish I could be there for you. Please stay here and let me know that stopping you was reason enough for me to be here now.

Life might be hard something but u have to go through it...And also like dorobo said ''life can be beautiful if u try hard enough''.

well maybe it's too late to comment on this considering the date it was wrote but i completely understand where you're coming from. i hope that you're doing better now....hopefully

thanks to everyone supporting me i got over it thank you all.

Haven't received a comment from you so am a bit concerned. Hope ur ok.

I don't want you to feel alone about this. You ARE loved. Hang in there.

I care about u and u know i do

i care.....i would hate it (for lack of better words) if u died...